How To Setup Filezilla

How to set up FileZilla:

FileZilla is a useful piece of software for managing files on your server. Once you have downloaded fileZilla you need to run it and set it up by doing the following.

When you open Filezilla you are presented with "Host:", "Username:"," Password:", "Port:", "Quick Connect" (With a drop down list)

There are 2 ways of connecting to your server via FTP which are explained below:


Option 1: Quick Connect method

When Filezilla is opened, fill in the appropriate boxes at the top. "Hostname" will be your domain name. Fill in your "Username"and "Password" (which will be your username and password you received in your welcome email). For "Web" you will need to use port 21. Click on "Quickconnect" and it will connect you to your server as requested.


Option 2: Saved Profile method:

Some people connect to more than 1 server so it is easier to set up "profiles" to save entering the same information every time you start Filezilla.

When Filezilla is open, Click on File >> Site Manager.

In this dialog box you are able to click on "New Site" and fill in the appropriate boxes on the right side of the dialog box, Also giving each connection a name. Do not change anything in the other tabs, this will prevent Filezilla working properly on Buildz Hosting. You need only change information in the General Tab.

Once this is complete, just click "Connect", and it will save your settings. Do this for each server you wish to add.

When Filezilla is opened in the future, you can use "Site Management" to access your servers quickly and efficiently.

Filezilla can be downloaded HERE

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