Happy New Year 2020!

The staff would like to take the time to wish everyone and their families a joyous New Year filled with good health, well-being, and financial wealth throughout this new year. Please, make the best of it! Always think positive and put your best foot forward. As always, if you have any problems, concerns, or just comments please don't hesitate to ... Read More »

1st Jan 2020
New Prices

Hello, due to cPanel doubling (and in some instances, tripling) their prices we've decided to raise our prices to partially cover those costs. All plans have been raised by one US dollar. To our current customers, the plans you currently have will remain at the same price(s) for as long as you are with us. It's our way of thanking you for being ... Read More »

30th Nov 2019
PHP EOL 5.6-7.0

Since PHP 7.0 has reached the End Of Life (EOL) for support and we've upgraded all accounts to PHP 7.1. Version 5.6 will be removed from the server to avoid any security conflicts. If you still need PHP 7.0, you can still enable it via the MultiPHP feature in your cPanel as we have not completely removed it from the server at this ... Read More »

26th Jan 2019
Website Builder FREE With All cPanel Shared Hosting Accounts

We are now offering Website builder FREE with all cPanel Shared hosting accounts. Want a website for your business? We have themes to cater to all of your needs that cover a wide range of categories like Blog, Business, Portfolio, Restaurants, Travel and many more!! All the Themes are Responsive, styles and look can be customized from the ... Read More »

26th Oct 2018

Regular visitors to Buildz Hosting website will notice it has a refreshing new appearance. Over the last few month we have been working on our new look, we hope you enjoy the look has much has we have enjoyed bringing it to you! Most of the changes are a cosmetic modern layout, a new banner, more legible fonts, and a new color scheme. We ... Read More »

23rd Sept 2018
New SEO Tools

Hello, we've added a new section to cPanel titled "SEO AND MARKETING TOOLS". Knowing how to use SEO and marketing will help promote your site and will help to rank it higher in the search engines. Please keep in mind that some of these tools are free and some are paid. We hope these tools will be of use to you! Regards, Buildz ... Read More »

5th Aug 2018
Change Of Buildz Hosting's Domain Name

We are pleased to announce the change of the Buildz Hosting domain from buildz.pw to buildzhosting.com. We feel this better suits our product and make it easier to find us.

Please change your bookmarks to https://buildzhosting.com/ and the Client Area to https://client.buildzhosting.com/

4th Aug 2018
Terms Of Service Policy Has Changed

Our "Terms of Service" policy has changed please read more here. Please, read the section "99.99% UPTIME GUARANTEE" near the bottom of the page.

10th Jul 2018
Thank You For Choosing Buildz Hosting!

Welcome to Buildz Hosting You have made a great choice and we want to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

If at any point you get stuck, our support team is available to assist you. Simply visit submit ticket to request assistance.

3rd Jul 2018