Email Issues

  • 29th January 2022

Hello everyone! I hope you are all safe and happy. :)


Lately, we have had some email and permission issues where some but not all emails were not being sent. I believe this is now resolved.


However, if you still are experiencing any issues please don't hesitate to contact me. :)




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Happy Thanksgiving!

  • 25th November 2021
Hello to everyone! I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving today! I hope you get to spend it with your loved ones! :) I am pleased to announce a cPanel upgrade for those of you who use Wordpress or are considering using it. Months ago, cPanel introduced a Lite version of the WordPress Toolkit. For those of you who do not know what it is, it is ...
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Happy New Year 2020!

  • 1st January 2020
The staff would like to take the time to wish everyone and their families a joyous New Year filled with good health, well-being, and financial wealth throughout this new year. Please, make the best of it! Always think positive and put your best foot forward. As always, if you have any problems, concerns, or just comments please don't hesitate to ...
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New Prices

  • 30th November 2019
Hello, due to cPanel doubling (and in some instances, tripling) their prices we've decided to raise our prices to partially cover those costs. All plans have been raised by one US dollar. To our current customers, the plans you currently have will remain at the same price(s) for as long as you are with us. It's our way of thanking you for being ...
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